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Birdseye view map illustration for:
The Princess Bride, by William Goldman
Jeff Mathison
Spring Mills, Pennsylvania
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Scientific map illustration for:
Africa Array, Research Penn State Magazine
It may be real. It may be imagined. Either way, you need a map.

I have 30 years of experience in creating illustrated maps for novelists, journalists, scientists, and scholars. Maps help your reader get oriented. Beyond that basic need, an illustrative map brings visual flavor to a book, adding extra value to your writing.

In the example below, I show a detail of the first pencil draft, and then the final rendering of a birdseye view map of the fictional town of Airenchester, England in the 1770s. I have the experience in history and geography to imagine how the town would grow along the river dominated by Cracksheart Hill.

Typically, the process of map illustration begins with a standard atlas. I trace the land mass, roads and rivers, mountains and borders, in ink and add the particulars of the client's project. I scan the drawing into Photoshop, where the digital tools make it easy to modify the drawing.

I then add placenames, either with a typeset font, or my own calligraphy. Color may be painted in as well.

After the client approves a low res draft, I submit a high resolution file, ready for any print project or electronic use.

I enjoy varying my style from loose to precise depending on the requirements of the particular illustrated map.

My specialties include birdseye view maps, and maps that include "icons" depicting notable features or landmarks.

I can also imitate the style of antique maps.

Detail of Carrie's Europe, from Research Penn State Magazine

A detail of my Burma Spitfire map, illustrated in watercolor.

Detail of Town map, from the Unnameables by Ellen Booraem

Illustrated map for Songs of the Vikings, by Nancy M. Brown, who said, "Thanks for making it a place!"

A detail of Centre County, PA, rendered oldstyle.